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NordMedia 2015 > Divisions


For a full list of participants at this year's NordMedia, please follow this link.

On the pages below you can read more about the ten divisions presenting at the NordMedia 2015 conference.

Division 1 – Environment, Science, and Risk Communication
Division 2 – Journalism Studies
Division 3 – Media and Communication History
Division 4 – Media, Globalization, and Social Change
Division 5 – Media Literacy and Media Education
Division 6 – Media Management, Economics, and Policy
Division 7 – Film Studies
Division 8 – Organization, Communication, and Society
Division 9 – Political Communication
Division 10 – Theory, Philosophy, and Ethics of Communication
Division 11 - Television Studies

Temporary Working Groups

In addition it will be possible to submit abstracts for a number of temporary working groups.

TWG 1 – Media and Religion
TWG 2 – Digital Games and Playful Media
TWG 3 – Nordic Media, War, and Conflict
TWG 4 – Media and Celebrity Culture
TWG 5 – Researching Cross-Media Communication
TWG 6 – Media Across the Life Course