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Apps for the conference

For your convenience, we have made all relevant content for the NordMedia 2015 conference available online. The entire schedule, including detailed division schedules, and information about conference keynotes, panelists, and attendees is available through the app Grupio. Papers and extended abstracts are made available through the app SpiderOak. For information on the apps and Internet connection during the conference, please read the information below.

Schedule for NordMedia 2015

The conference app Grupio will give you admission to the main schedule. Further you can make your own schedule, receive notifications on any changes, see maps of the venue, and read more about speakers and attendees. Detailed schedules for each division and TWG will be made available shortly.

To download the conference app, available through the App Store and Android Market, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Grupio app
  2. Open the Grupio app and search for  ‘NordMedia 2015’
  3. Launch the NordMedia 2015 event and start browsing the content


Sharing papers at NordMedia 2015

NB! We are currently experiencing some difficulties with SpiderOak when used on a computer and are working hard to solve this issue. Please contact the chair of your division in order to secure a Dropbox link until this issue is solved.

To acces all papers and extended abstracts presented at NordMedia 2015 via your computer, please see this PDF-guide. To access all papers and extended abstracts on your smatphone or tablet, please see this PDF-guide or follow the steps below:

  1. Download the SpiderOak app from the App Store or Android Market
  2. Open the app and press the symbol in the upper left corner
  3. Press ’ShareRooms’
  4. Click the plus sign in the upper right corner to add a ShareRoom
  5. Enter the following ShareId: NordMedia
  6. Enter the RoomKey for your division or TWG. The RoomKey for division 1 is ’Division1’, and so forth. The RoomKey for TWG 1 is ’TWG1’, and so forth. Press ’Add ShareRoom’
  7. The ShareRoom will now become visible in your app, but it is still locked. Press the ShareRoom you want to enter and type the password. The password for division 1 is ’Division1’, and so forth. The password for TWG 1 is ’TWG1’ and so forth.
  8. Enter the shared folder and download any relevant papers.



If a contribution is missing from the relevant division folder, please contact student secretary Agnete Juul.

Internet access at NordMedia 2015

During the conference the wireless internet can be accessed through Eduroam which means, that you can use the Internet as usual, provided your institution is a part of Eduroam, If you have problems accessing Eduroam with your own university login, you should use the South-Campus network SC_info for further information. After connecting to SC_info, all websites are redirected to  where you can read how to configure the installation of eduroam. There are three options:

Windows 7/8 configuration guide

Windows XP SP3 configuration guide

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS configuration guide

You can then use either your university credentials or the username and password, which has been sent to the email provided by you at the conference sign up.