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Media Presence – Mobile Modernities

In conjunction with the NordMedia 2015 conference, a Ph.D.-course entitled Media Presence – Mobile Modernities will be arranged.

The Ph.D.-course will be held from the morning of August 12th till lunch on August 13th, 2015, and both keynote speakers of the conference, Frank Biocca and Lee Humphreys, have agreed to participate in the course and respond to papers. Furthermore, professor Charles Ess, University of Oslo, has kindly agreed to participate and respond to papers as well. Moreover, there will be short presentations by the participating senior researchers.

The Ph.D.-course will, like the conference, focus on the changing conditions of human interaction and our changing sense of presence in the modern mediatized world.

The course welcomes students with Ph.D.-projects in this general area, including, but not limited to:

  • Empirical studies of mobile media and communication, in the Nordic countries, Europe, and beyond
  • Historical research on media as agents of modernity
  • Experimental studies of media as sources and sites of presence
  • Aesthetic treatments of digital media and genres
  • Theoretical approaches to the contemporary digital media environment
  • Normative accounts of media as political and cultural resources.

Papers may include full papers (12-15 pages) but also shorter versions (6 to 7 pages). Shorter papers should also have a form suitable for response from course participants.

Venue: University of Copenhagen, Karen Blixensvej 4, 2300 Copenhagen S.

Time: August 12th 9:00-18:00 and August 13th 9:00-13:00

ECTS: 2,9 ECTS (for participation, presentation of full paper and advance reading), 2,0 (for participation, presentation of short paper and advance reading), and 1,4 (for participation, no paper presentation but including advance reading).

Advance reading: Approximately 300 pages.

Registration: To the Ph.D.-school, Humanities Department on

Deadlines: Registration deadline May 1st, 2015, deadline for submission of papers June 25th, 2015. Please send your paper to

Please note: Submission of abstracts and registration for NordMedia 2015 and registration for the PhD course are two separate procedures. Registration for the course does not mean that you are automatically registered for NordMedia 2015 and vice versa, and submission of abstract to NordMedia 2015 should be done separately.

Course organizers: If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact the course organizers, Professor Klaus Bruhn Jensen ( and Professor Anne Jerslev (, Department of Media Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen.